Vidaforce™ Line

Vidaforce™ Mask & Hand Sanitizer

VIDAFORCE Mask Spray is formulated to kill bacteria and viruses. When applied to your re-useable mask, it provides continuous viral protection to the wearer for 4 hours.

Additionally, it has a fresh, citrus fragrance that refreshes and cleans. Our mask spray is safe for humans–but not for bacteria and viruses. The formula is natural, non-toxic and doctor recommended. And of course, it always, Sanitizes. Blocks. Kills. 

Vidaforce™ Invisible Glove

Your Invisible Glove™ which includes antibacterial soap that ensures the best and most thorough cleaning possible by killing the virus with a professional-grade cleanser.

Your Invisible Glove™ provides a minimum of four hours of virus-killing protection and uses a unique, proprietary, and patented mode of action that penetrates the epidermis, the first layer of the skin, to provide continuous virus-killing protection. A normal glove can pick up and spread the virus, but Vidaforce™  Your Invisible Glove™ kills the virus and continues to kill the virus for over four hours. Sanitize. Block. Kill.

Vidaforce™ Nano-Copper
Coated Mask (Copper-Gen Mask™)

In the early days of the current pandemic we questioned whether or not to cover our faces. Some insisted we should; others said no.  By early April, 2020, public health experts reached an overwhelming consensus: wearing masks helps limit the spread of coronavirus! 

But they also agreed that you should not get too confident wearing a homemade mask.  Basic face coverings do little to stop the virus from coming in; they are mostly useful for helping to keep infected people from breathing the virus out.  N95 masks do a better job of intercepting incoming viruses.  But once they do, the masks themselves can become infected. That is why, back in normal times, they were supposed to be used just once.

Normal times are long gone.

In the Covid-19 era we need better facial defenses more than ever.  A person cannot depend on a normal mask stopping the virus from penetrating and putting themselves at risk.  That’s why Vidafirst has created the next generation of face protection; the Copper-Gen Mask. Sanitizes. Blocks. Kills. SARS-CoV-2!